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WOKE UP BLACK: Telling Stories About Young Black Lives

“Woke Up Black” a film by Mary F. Morten is having its world premier at the Siskel Center this Friday, February 25. To buy tickets, click here. The film follows five young African Americans from different parts of Illinois over … Continued

Media Mavens in the Making

Embarking on a journey too grand to be considered a simple tour, my friends in Karma, along with fellow local musician Kim Cotton of the band Verity, and community organizer/ artist Stef Cmielewski of SACraftMafia make a triumphant trek northward … Continued

Sheriff Joe Separates Mothers from Their Children

Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds any excuse to separate families. It’s 2009 and the terrorizing continues in Arizona’s Maricopa County. A community organizer last week documented a heartbreaking scene of a mother, Ciria Lopez, being stopped by Sheriff’s Joe’s self-proclaimed “posse”. … Continued