Climate Crisis

In This for My People: Nia Robinson on Race, the Environment, and Climate Change

Cross-posted from PopDev, a progressive think tank & activist organization bringing a global feminist analysis to the intersecting spheres of reproductive freedom, environmental justice, international development, and peace. “Race is the number one determining factor for whether or not you … Continued


Closing the U.S. border is a false solution to the climate crisis

by Kim Lobaria, Rising Tide activist Anti-immigrant forces are playing on fears about global warming. And while global warming is a real threat, it doesn’t come from immigrants but from fossil fuel companies that are destroying our Earth. Poor immigrants … Continued


The Green War on Immigrants

Bigotry. That isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks about environmentalism, but green bigotry is real and growing. A web of individuals, groups and funders who identify themselves as environmentalists are dividing the environmental movement and … Continued