Climate Change


Don’t let population control alarmists derail Earth Day

Earlier this week, the UN released a report revealing that significant measures are urgently needed to avoid an environmental and humanitarian disaster. Meanwhile, some population control extremists are manipulating environmental discourse to blame immigrants for climate change. In our haste … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry New England

by Martha Pskowski The recent New England Biking Beyond Bigotry tour was an exciting chance for me to combine three of my passions - politics, biking and the New England countryside.  As a current college student, it was an important … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part II

by Jesse Sanes There are countless social areas and/or topics within which the interest’s of women, their reproductive freedoms, and the health of our environment all overlap. And in these overlaps, it is impossible for any rational person to blame … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part I

By Jesse Sanes The recent Oregon Biking Beyond Bigotry tour was an incredible experience.  Conversations began in Portland, Oregon, and continued along 130 miles to Eugene. In Eugene we attended panels and presentations and networked with other environmentalists at The … Continued

How the Dangers of Climate Change Specifically Impact Women

by Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone Thanks to Alyson Kenward writing at Climate Central, I have something reasonable and spot-on to talk about today. Her March 8 article is a brief summary of some of the ways in which climate change specifically impacts … Continued

Carrying Capacity & Impending Doom: Profiling William Ryerson (Part 1)

by Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone Michael Tobias, an advisory board member for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), recently interviewed Bill Ryerson, the president of the Population Media Center which is located in Shelburne Falls, Vermont.  Ryerson is also the CEO of the … Continued

Population Numbers & the Scapegoating of Female Fertility

by Courtney Hooks Beyoncé and Jay Z just had the 7 billionth-or-so baby to ever be born. The only people on planet Earth who probably aren’t excited by that beautiful fact are population alarmists. But seriously, alarmist rhetoric about population … Continued

William Ryerson Still Perpetuating the “Overpopulation” Myth

by Jesse Sanes As the UN’s 17th international climate summit comes to a close with little in the way of substantive plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, the echoes of alarms sounded for a global population reaching 7 billion still … Continued


Global Population Speak Out Seeks Support Through Deception and Empty Words

By Jesse Sanes In the run up to the global population reaching the 7 billion mark last week, many groups are voicing in on the supposed connections between population and the environment. Not only is focusing on reducing population size … Continued