Civil Disobedience

Colorado ASSET moves forward: the opposition grumbles as immigrant youth speak out

Persistence paid off last month, as undocumented students moved one step closer to equal access to higher education. On Thursday, January 24, the Colorado Senate Education Committee approved a bill called Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET), a proposed law … Continued


New Play about Undocumented Students: The Pot

A new play about undocumented students premiered this month in Charlotte, NC. The Pot is about a college student, Laura, bringing her boyfriend, Rick, home to meet the family at Thanksgiving.  Her father has been elected to the state legislature … Continued

Friday Media Recall (11.17.2011)

Every Friday we want to offer a collection of media pieces that we’re finding provocative, vital, persuasive, prophetic, genius, infuriating, mind-blogging, and other adjectives that gesture at all things thought-provoking. Some of these posts will, of course, focus on immigration, … Continued


Arizona’s day of hate and the need to reframe the immigration debate

One week ago today, Arizona witnessed an extreme separation of morality and state as the Appropriations Committee of the Arizona Senate passed a series of harsh Bills meant to be an attack on migrant families and youth.  Several of them … Continued


For the Good of Arizona

In little more than a month Arizona’s racist SB 1070 law will take effect, turning every cop in the state into an immigration officer, practically requiring racial profiling, and denying the freedom of Arizonans to associate with whoever they please, … Continued


Cross-post: Ipalnemoani: That For What We Live For

Originally posted June 25, 2010 on Column of the Americas By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez As we prepare to get arrested as a result of the passage of a new anti-ethnic studies law in Arizona, several attorneys explain to about … Continued


Chicago United Against Arizona’s Anti-immigrant Law

Chicago stands strong with activists across the nation to Repeal Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. Monday night local Chicago activists organized an all night vigil and civil disobedience in response to the nation’s harshest anti-immigrant legislation. About 300 community activists and … Continued