Editor’s note: DREAM passes House, deals blow to the anti-immigrant movement

The fight for the DREAM Act not only proved that American opportunity is alive, but that forces for hate can be pushed back - no matter how powerful. During a journey that spanned several years, the DREAM Act brought out … Continued


Indigenous Peoples Take a Stand Against Senate Bill 1070

86 years after the Indian Citizenship Act, indigenous communities are challenging the notion of what it is to be a U.S. citizen. In June of 1924 the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act. Controversial for its time, the Act … Continued


Cross-post: Arizona law backers overwhelmingly support path to citizenship

By Sahil Kapur from The Raw Story If you believe the popularity of Arizona’s tough crackdown on immigration reflect growing anti-immigrant wave, think again. Supporters of the measure are even more likely than its opponents to favor a comprehensive immigration … Continued


Neighbor Turns Ugly When American Dream Disappears

Buying a home can be a ticket out of poverty. It can symbolize a shift from the poor camp to the middle class.  Owning a house can represent a sense of financial security and mobility for many families and their … Continued