Wing-Nuts: Children of Undocumented Immigrants Can’t Be Prosecuted for Crimes

Gratefully ripped from the pages of Joshua Holland’s Blog: It’s fun to take what passes for an “argument” on the far right to its logical conclusion. The exercise tends to show just how fallacious their claims really are. Consider efforts … Continued


Cross-post: Republican Bill Seeks to Deprive American-Born of Citizenship

Alex DiBranco highlights an ongoing threat, not just to the children of immigrants, but to any American whose ability to prove birthright is compromised. A proposed bill sponsored by Rep. Gary Miller (R-CA) wants people born in the U.S.A. to … Continued

Pizza Hut Discriminates Against Latino Workers

Pizza Hut’s recent actions are unjustifiable and unacceptable. Pizza Hut has been rapidly firing Latino workers due to Social Security “No Match” letters sent to Pizza Hut by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Some of these workers have been faithful … Continued


Bush Destruction Continues to the Very End

The Bush Administration has revealed devastating changes to an agricultural guestworker program. This program is known as H-2A, and has existed since 1986. It allows for farm owners and agricultural employers to bring in foreign born citizens to work on … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Groups Spread Lies & Contribute to Voter Discrimination

Social Contract Press spreads lies about voter fraud and contributes to suppression of the voting rights of Latino citizens. Anti-Latino groups, like the FIRE Coalition, are using SCP’s false findings to encourage their followers to man the polls and discriminate … Continued


American by default

By Majorie Nemes One of the things I struggled with while studying abroad was taking on the label of an “American.” I was born a US citizen, and have lived on the U.S. mainland for most of my life, but … Continued