Child Killer


Media bias turns murderers of Latinos into “illegal immigration activists”

Mainstream news outlets barely cover tragedies when they involve victims who don’t fit strict criteria of what is considered worthy of media attention. If the victim is a person of color, poor, or considered unsavory or criminal, it’s unlikely that … Continued


Anti-immigrant group glorifies accused child-killing border vigilante

Anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) recently published an article defending accused child-killer Shawna Forde. The author, Rob Sanchez - a Senior Writing Fellow at CAPS, had the audacity to not only defend Shawna Forde, but describe her as … Continued


Center for Immigration Studies Collaborates with Border Vigilantes

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), founded by John Tanton in 1985, describes itself as a “think tank” and “pro-immigrant.” However, today CIS released a press statement accompanied by videos that show, in reality, that the group collaborates with controversial border … Continued

Child Killer Represented National Anti-Immigrant Group

Shot twice in the face, Brisenia Flores’ life was cut short by the “direct action” of anti-immigrant activists—individuals who had internalized the rhetoric of a larger movement that claims the United States is every-minute-of-every-day being attacked and invaded. For years … Continued