Players Back Out of MLB All-Star Game Boycott in Arizona

By Micah Perry

Of all the mainstream forms of entertainment, professional sports is certainly the arena least likely to produce out-spoken ideologues. Its participants entertain and interact through action, rarely getting a chance to speak on anything outside the game, and even then, largely in soft-profile human interest stories.


Cross-post: Suspicious white powder sent to Arizona congressman’s office

Originally published on the New Mexico Independent by Matthew Reichbach 10/22/10 11:50 AM

A suspicious, white powdery substance inside a Swastiska-adorned package was sent to the Tuscon office of U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Arizona, CNN is reporting. Grijalva is the chairman of the House Progressive Caucus and has been an outspoken opponent of Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

A FBI spokesman told the news network that the substance was not toxic.

According to various media reports, a “white powdery substance” was sent in an envelope along with two drawings of swastikas.


David Duke Calls for a Boycott of this Summer’s World Cup

By Tom Dunmore

For the hundreds of millions of people around the world who will watch the FIFA World Cup this summer in South Africa on television, and for the vast majority of the hundreds of thousands traveling to see the tournament take place on African soil for the first-time, the soccer competition offers a global communal experience perhaps matched only by the Olympic Games.

For some extremists, it’s also a chance to attempt to sow discord and division by distorting the facts. Witness David Duke’s hysterical attempt to stoke up hatred as he issues “a call for Europeans and people of European descent around the world to boycott the World Cup being… Read more


Racism Alive and Well in Spanish Football

In February 2009 the English national football team is slated to play Spain in a high-profile exhibition match. The match was originally to be played in Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium home of Real Madrid. However, the last time England and Spain locked horns at the Bernabau stadium in 2005; the black players on England’s team were subjected to racist abuse by sections of the crowd. Because of this incident the governing body for football in England, the FA, is recommending that the game not be held there again.

At that game England’s players warmed up wearing anti-racist t-shirts but that did not stop the racist jeers. Every time a black English player touched the… Read more