Biking Beyond Bigotry

Chicago Bikes Beyond Bigotry!

The Center for New Community is launching its fourth Biking Beyond Bigotry tour this Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Chicago. Riders from Chicago, including youth from West Town Bikes will participate in a half-day bicycle tour around Chicago’s lakefront.   Afterwards … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Launches from Vermont with Support of Environmentalists

By Jesse Sanes Biking Beyond Bigotry’s Northeast tour launched today from Middlebury, Vermont.  Participants will spend three days riding from Middlebury to Amherst, Massachusetts.   The first Biking Beyond Bigotry tour took place in 2011 in Arizona.  Ten environmentalists biked … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part II

by Jesse Sanes There are countless social areas and/or topics within which the interest’s of women, their reproductive freedoms, and the health of our environment all overlap. And in these overlaps, it is impossible for any rational person to blame … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry Tour Launches in Oregon

The Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization based in Chicago, is sponsoring its second bicycle speaking tour on wheels, Biking Beyond Bigotry. Over the course of three days, environmentalists from the Northwest will pedal over 130 miles … Continued

Biking Beyond Bigotry: Days of Heat, Nights of Progress

by Mario Wyon Most recently I was living in southern Mexico near Guatemala, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. I gave notice at my jobs, my house, and my community. I meditated on the idea of biking for 350 … Continued


Biking Beyond Bigotry: The Bicycle Ice Breaker

By Daniel Kim There is something very unique about riding a loaded touring bike that appeals to people from so many different walks of life. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the machine that piques an onlooker’s interest, the nostalgia of … Continued