Asylum Seekers

Nativist Groups Attack Humane Asylum Policies

Earlier this month, the Obama administration released new guidelines regarding refugees seeking asylum. It was met by the usual push-back from the organized nativist movement. Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant groups claim their vigilance is in the interest of national security and exposing … Continued

Detention Watch Network Launches “Dignity, Not Detention” Campaign

Recently, a wide range of faith, immigrant rights, and community-based organizations joined Detention Watch Network (DWN)  to announce the launch of its “Dignity, Not Detention” campaign, calling on Congress to repeal all laws mandating the detention of immigrants. The campaign … Continued


Bush Attacks Right to Representation

The Bush Administration must get some kind of perverse pleasure out of kicking people when they’re down. Nothing else could explain their most recent blow to the rights of America’s downtrodden. This time they’ve stripped away the right to legal … Continued