Arizona Senate

SLLI: Its New Year Born Into Trouble

2011 was a bittersweet year for State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI). As a coalition of lawmakers committed to a nativist program, SLLI depends on its constituents to vilify immigrants and pass exclusionary legislation; additionally, it’s little more than a … Continued

Big Time Bigots Come Out to Defend AZ Senator

With a vote to recall Arizona State Russell Pearce just around the corner, Pearce’s powerful friends are coming out of the woodwork to try to keep him in office.

Restoring Justice in the Desert: the Growing Movement to Recall a Bigot

It goes without saying that some Arizona citizens are fed up with Russell Pearce’s “leadership.” His critics believe that the State of Arizona is buried under political issues that need swift attending to – budget and water crises, job losses, … Continued


Arizona’s Youth Stage Sit-in Against Hateful Legislation

Children from across the state of Arizona gathered at the State Capitol on Wednesday, March 16 to protest anti-immigrant legislation that organizers called “hateful and harmful to Arizona’s youth.”  The youth, ranging in ages from kindergarten to college, led a … Continued


Arizona’s day of hate and the need to reframe the immigration debate

One week ago today, Arizona witnessed an extreme separation of morality and state as the Appropriations Committee of the Arizona Senate passed a series of harsh Bills meant to be an attack on migrant families and youth.  Several of them … Continued