Anders Behring Breivik

Tragic Sikh Temple Shooting Comes Amid Increase in Organized Hate

Today’s shooting at a Sikh temple outside Milwaukee is a tragic sign that the violent rhetoric of a growing anti-Muslim movement has deadly consequences. Reports indicate that six individuals were murdered inside the temple and the shooter was killed by … Continued


Islamophobes & Anti-Immigrant Politician Team Up to Spread Hate

By Sean Mullin This past Sunday, former Colorado congressman and Team America PAC founder Tom Tancredo reblogged a post from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website entitled “Christians, persecuted minorities snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US backs Islamists.” The post, … Continued

Geert Wilders quotes Tancredo: “Miami is a Third World Country”

The rise of the far-right across Europe is disturbing enough, but attention must surely be given when oceans are being crossed, and international connections are being deepened. On Saturday June 30th, the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, leader of the … Continued

Racist Violence, the Threat Next Door

There is a prevalence amongst individuals who see themselves as superior to prey on those that they perceive as weak. Those that act out extremist beliefs all too often inflict inconceivable violence. This is the meaning of terrorism, and it … Continued

Oklahoma City and the Enduring Challenge of Racist, Domestic Terrorism

Today’s seventeenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is a reminder that the cauldron of “domestic terrorism”—a handy euphemism for white “Christian” terrorists—is ever-simmering. As news broke of the Oklahoma City bombing, speculation was rampant that “Middle East terrorists” were … Continued

#FAIL: Steven A. Camarota and the False Prophecies of a CIS Islamophobe

by Jerry Higgins This week sees two anniversaries. The first was on September 11th when, ten years after the horrific attacks, those who died were remembered and mourned. Unfortunately, some chose to abuse the memory of those killed by pushing … Continued