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Kansas Sec’y of State Works to Spread Voter Suppression Measures

In the final weeks of October, most Secretaries of State were busy preparing to administer the election in their respective states. Ensuring a fair and well-functioning voting process for their constituents is ostensibly the most important priority for most Secretaries, … Continued


Voter ID Laws are Voter Suppression

Black, poor, female, or over 65? Your right to vote is in jeopardy. Voter ID laws have a devastating effect on groups of people who have fought hard for voting rights. Many conservative state lawmakers are attempting to implement Voter … Continued

Cross-Post: Judge nixes Arizona’s countersuit against U.S. over border

Originally published on POLITICO by Josh Gerstein - October 21, 2011 A federal judge has dismissed a countersuit Arizona Gov. Janice Brewer filed in February after the federal government sued her state to block enforcement of the bulk of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration … Continued

An End to the Immigration Nightmare?

Daily life is difficult for the folks with family members or friends stuck in the immigration system. It’s even harder for those who are actually ensnared. Millions of American citizens and immigrants are impacted every day by the chaos that … Continued


Steve King Vies for Title of Top Political Bigot

House Immigration Reform Caucus (HIRC) member Rep. Steve King is one of the biggest immigrant bashers in Washington today. King represents Iowa’s 5th district, which is 95% white and has a population of just over half a million. He was … Continued


SPORTS: US and Them

Many people have argued that globalization is a negative thing for the job market. One such argument against globalization is that the increase in competition of labor allows for citizens of other nations to be hired by a company instead … Continued