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Supporting Working Families with Immigration Reform

The AFL-CIO and the SEIU, two of the nations largest union federations, are standing up to republicans and business groups for fair wages in federal immigration reform.  While the group of bipartisan Senators, called the “Gang of 8,” working on … Continued

SOTU Address and Senate Committee Hearing Pivotal to Immigration Reform

Follow us this morning on @Imagine2050 and @nativismwatch as we fact-check and comment on the Senate Judiciary Hearing on immigration reform. Yesterday and today are two of the most important days for the immigration debate this year: yesterday, the president … Continued


Cross-Post: Struggle for Immigrants’ Rights Highlights Split Within Organized Labor

Originally published ay In These Times on January 15, 2012. Trying to please all at once and disappointing everyone, the White House has long played a game of good-cop-bad-cop on immigration, promising reforms while clinging to some of the cruelest … Continued

Cross-Post: Black Leaders Get Closeup View of Alabama’s New Jim Crow

Originally published by Colorlines on November 22, 2011. Recently I was invited to be a part of a delegation of labor leaders heading down to Alabama to speak out against one of the worst immigration laws in the country. I … Continued

Dispatches from Georgia: Teaming Up with Labor

A delegation of students and activists were in Atlanta for a week to document efforts to resist anti-immigrant law H.B. 87. The delegation members will be sharing first-hand accounts of their experiences with dispatches. Visit Imagine 2050 regularly for more … Continued


Cross-Post: Divide and Deport: On Immigration, Thom Hartmann and Lou Dobbs Have Much in Common

By David Bacon Gratefully borrowed from Working In these Times, Feb 28, 2011 Radio host and author Thom Hartmann has a new book, Rebooting the American Dream. Hartmann has a progressive reputation, and his book supports unions, calls for eliminating … Continued