Clarion Project: The group behind “Honor Diaries”

Conservative media outlets and anti-Muslim activists have voiced indignation over recent protests of the film “Honor Diaries” across the United States. The film features nine women who speak about their experiences with various commonly justified as religious “honor” practices, including … Continued


FAIR’s scaled-down radio event suggests waning influence for anti-immigrant movement

Last week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform held its annual anti-immigrant radio event “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” in Washington, D.C. Advertised as “the nation’s largest immigration media event,” the annual event is a flagship event for the … Continued


U.S. anti-immigrant groups push policies that mirror Geert Wilders’ platform

As Dutch politician Geert Wilders led members of his Party for Freedom (PVV) in chants deriding Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands, many U.S.-based Islamophobes defended him from criticism. Meanwhile, there are other organizations and individuals in America that seem to … Continued

U.S. Islamophobes stand by Wilders as his own party members defect

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has once again become the subject of controversy after he led supporters in an anti-Moroccan chant during a campaign rally last month. Despite the mass condemnation he has received for the remarks, Wilders’ anti-Muslim counterparts in … Continued


Far-Right warns: Obama to let ‘jihadists’ take over Internet

Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced it would reduce its role in regulating Internet infrastructure when its current oversight contract with the Internet’s primary governing organization expires in autumn 2015. Predictably, far-Right activists are using the announcement to … Continued

John Guandolo’s firearms training course raises critical questions

  Culpeper, Virginia, will once again be the site of a training led by John Guandolo, a notoriously anti-Muslim former FBI agent who has made a career out of conspiracy theories and counterterrorism trainings. The subject this time? Firearms training. … Continued