Food Justice

Crosspost: Lawsuits Against Two West Michigan Meat-packing Plants

Workers in west Michigan are suing against two meat-packing plants for lost wages according to a recent article in the Grand Rapids News. By Nardy Baeza Bickel, The Grand Rapids Pres… GRAND RAPIDS — Two area meat-packing plants are being … Continued


Crosspost: Rep. Wilson Protects Immigration Status?

A good article from Zachary Roth from TPMMuckraker details Rep. Joe Wilson’s interesting support for immigrants converting to Christianity. Rep. Joe (“You Lie”) Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s speech last week didn’t exactly make him out to be sympathetic to … Continued

Americans, Europeans, and Immigration

Americans aren’t the only ones dealing with immigration. The United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, France, Germany and the Netherlands have also found themselves contradicting their values when in comes to immigration.


Neighbor Turns Ugly When American Dream Disappears

Buying a home can be a ticket out of poverty. It can symbolize a shift from the poor camp to the middle class.  Owning a house can represent a sense of financial security and mobility for many families and their … Continued


The American Economy and the Greedy People

The federal government has now bailed out three major US financial institutions: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the American International Group. Some folks disagree with this decision. You hear people shout, “No More Big Government.” The people who support the … Continued


ANNOUNCEMENT: Imagine 2050 blogcast will air Monday on 89.5FM in Chicago!

Recently, 89.5 FM in Chicago aired Noah Chandler’s August podcast, Imagine 2050’s audio blogger! In fact, the radio station based an entire show off of Imagine 2050’s premise and Noah’s interviews. Since then 89.5 FM has repeatedly run his blogcast … Continued


FAIR’s Personal Political Agenda

Have you ever heard about an organization called Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)? The group was founded to make immigration a key issue for American voters. Currently, FAIR is lobbying congresspersons on Capitol Hill in Washington DC for the … Continued

Sarah Palin - The Woman That Only Thinks of Herself

Sarah Palin is an interesting person. She reminds me of the kind of football mom you question under your breath before you decide to date her son. The kind of mom that sticks up for her kids when a teacher … Continued

Did You Believe Obama’s Speech?

Last week, Barack Obama officially became the Democratic presidential nominee. But his path hasn’t been easy; especially the last month. His die hard fans began to question his character and his politics. They began to wonder the substance behind his … Continued