New Environmental Film Recycles Controversial Theories

While researching controversial film Growthbusters (read more about that here), I stumbled across a new attempt to frame the anti-population growth argument: a film called Critical Mass, directed by Mike Freedman. Freedman’s argument, described as “clever” by the Telluride Mountain … Continued

Pseudo-Environmental Group Releases TV Ads on Jobs

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched television advertisements to be aired in Los Angeles County and around the country, this summer. The brief ad shows images of racially diverse “jobless Californians,” and describes Senator Barbara Boxer as “ready to … Continued

Anti-immigrant Group Attempts to Blame Immigrants for Veteran Unemployment

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) recently featured a cross-posted article which describes its latest television campaign: blaming immigrants for the lack of jobs available to returning military veterans, especially young African American men. This article is hugely misleading for two … Continued


Nativist Leader Encourages Americans to Blame Immigrants for Traffic and Urban Sprawl

In one of his most recent posts for the NumbersUSA blog, founder Roy Beck asks his readers to “get personal” about “a treasured place of quaintness” that has “been dramatically changed” thanks to an influx of immigrants and the pressures of … Continued