You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways, Georgia!

The title of the old hit from music legend Carlos Santana is freshly, and sadly, appropriate for today’s anti-immigrant climate—not only in that longtime southern bastion of hate, but across the country. That Major League Baseball’s annual Civil Rights Game … Continued


Immigration Acrostic

Asinine interjections of anti-immigrant hate create Bathos to any expectation of intelligent thought Coming from people who, in their own insecurities, Denigrate those who cross oceans and cross burning deserts—having been Excluded from all that mutual wealth Free trade agreements … Continued

Nativist Groups Use Brutal Crime for Their Own Purposes

As a part of their Machiavellian attempt at poisoning the conversation in this country on immigration, nativist groups are twisting an awful crime for their own purposes. The Community Watchdog Project and Southern Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Reform, nativist groups … Continued


Obama Administration Missing an Anti-Racist Opportunity?

In the midst of the euphoric, if fallacious, state of a “post-racial” United States that much of the country is caught up in, the Obama administration is about to miss an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to actually being anti-racist—working … Continued

“We are human beings looking for a means to survive”

Despite a feigned concern about the distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, anti-immigrant forces in this country have helped stir up a general contempt for immigrants which goes beyond the status of documentation. The rhetoric of FAIR and other nativist … Continued

Racial Profiling & Harassment in East Haven, CT

Same stupid, blatant, racist attacks; different day. As many people in this country are seduced by the slick, guy-next-door type of racial/ethnic prejudice implicit in anti-immigrant xenophobia (think: FAIR, NumbersUSA, Community Watchdog Project, etc.), and as US imperialism and corporate … Continued

Murder in Brooklyn Latest Hate Crime Against Immigrants

Last night I was busy fuming over some personal betrayals when I received a call from a colleague who told me that Jose O. Sucuzhanay, the Ecuadoran immigrant who, along with his brother, was severely beaten in Brooklyn on Sunday, … Continued


1492 - and the Xenophobia of 2008

This week has brought us to another recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day - conversely stated, to another lamentation of the wave of undocumented, oppressive immigration precipitated by one Christopher Columbus. It occurs to me that putting the anti-immigrant attack in … Continued