Passover eve shootings are a chilling reminder that violent bigotry persists

The suspect is a former government informant with long-standing ties to racist organizations Yesterday’s shootings at a Jewish community center and assisted living facility are alarming acts of domestic terrorism by a longtime white supremacist leader. This is an unimaginable … Continued


The ugly side of Earth Day

The climate crisis becomes grimmer by the day, but Mother Earth is up against more than just climate deniers and powerful corporations. The suffering environment is also the victim of racist organizations. To understand why, we have to go way … Continued


10 reasons Tancredo’s campaign no esta viva

Former Colorado congressman and current gubernatorial candidate, Tom Tancredo, has perhaps the most laughable campaign slogan this election year. The notoriously xenophobic politician is advertising his candidacy under the slogan “Viva Tancredo: Live your own life,” in an effort to … Continued

Nebraska Town has Opportunity to Overthrow Disastrous Kobach Ordinance

By all accounts Kris Kobach is a dismal Secretary of State. We’re talking epically bad. Unlike presumably all other secretaries of states throughout the country, he’s bad on purpose. If Kobach was good at his job that would mean upholding … Continued

Sen. Sessions and Anti-immigrant Hardliners Try to Sway House GOP on Immigration

Obama left the door wide open for Congress to make a move on immigration during his SOTU speech. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a devout anti-immigrant hardliner, immediately tried to slam it shut. Sessions kicked his nativist rhetoric into high gear … Continued


Anti-immigrant Groups Deny Charges of Racism While Attacking Voting Rights

Anti-immigrant groups insist their agenda isn’t racist, but their aggressive attempts at voter suppression indicate otherwise. Under the guise of preventing voter fraud by undocumented immigrants, they promote policies that infringe on the rights of African Americans, Latinos, women, seniors … Continued

Kansas Secretary of State Quietly Continues Extreme Crusade

Kris Kobach hasn’t been in the national spotlight much lately. Not since helping Romney and the GOP epically blow the 2012 presidential election. Aside from a meltdown last June when he suggested that deadly force should be used against peaceful … Continued

When Mental Illness and Political Violence Collide

Violence carried out with guns and some combination of conspiracy theory, mental illness, and fringe politics is increasingly frequent. Friday’s shooting death of a TSA agent at LAX appears to have all these elements with which we’ve become so familiar. … Continued


Operation Streamline Meets Its Match in AZ Protestors

Operation Streamline was shut down for the first time in seven years last Friday when protesters in Tucson successfully stopped buses from taking detained immigrants to court proceedings. As a result over 70 immigrants were deported without being criminally prosecuted … Continued