Despite Bratton Appointment, New Yorkers Remain Hopeful for Police Reform

By Faiza N. Ali On November 5, 2013, New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly for Bill de Blasio, buying into his vision for a more progressive and fair city. It was de Blasio’s commitment to reform the nation’s largest police department that … Continued


Thousands of Russian Neo-Nazis & Nationalists March in Moscow

By Christoph Schultz On November 4, Russia’s radical nationalist movement came together to celebrate the annual “Russian March” in Moscow. The event attracted an estimated 10,000 people - a mixture of neo-Nazis, Orthodox Christians, monarchists, and anti-immigrant activists. The motto … Continued


Neo-Nazi Rap Used as a Recruitment Tool in Germany

By Christoph Schulze While neo-Nazi rap music started in the United States, it was and still is too obscure to make it into mainstream white power music culture. Meanwhile, the style has spread in Germany and become a growing yet controversial … Continued

Islamophobic Group Introduces New Initiative To Monitor Pro-Palestine Student Activists

By Nashiha Alam Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, a group notorious for attracting Islamophobic funders, has recently launched a new project to monitor pro-Palestine activists. Alex Joffe, a fellow and assistant editor at the Middle East Forum, an anti-Muslim … Continued

In Effort to Reposition GOP, Boehner & Cantor Speak Out Against Rep. Steve King’s Racist Comments, Still Many More to Address

Earlier this year, members of the Republican party announced intentions to rebrand their image. Losing yet another presidential election forced them to reevaluate their platform and strategies for success - or failure, as it were. And in one of the … Continued

The Path to Driver’s Licenses for All in Colorado, an Activist’s Perspective

By Esmeralda Dominguez for Driver’s Licenses for All Driver’s Licenses for All is a grassroots group of documented and undocumented Colorado residents who grew out of the Initiative 52 ballot campaign, which collected more than 30,000 signatures with 1,200 volunteers … Continued

Islamophobic Leader Uses Offensive, Anti-Jewish Language to Attack ADL

By Dan Weiss We didn’t need more evidence that outspoken Islamophobe Pamela Geller is filled with hate. But this week we got it nonetheless. Geller viciously attacked the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization with a venerable history of defending civil … Continued

Mental Illness, a Convenient Scapegoat for White Nationalists

By Mickey Fitzpatrick As we attempt to distance ourselves from the collective responsibility of national tragedies such as the Newtown, CT school shooting, a common strategy is to examine the mental health of the perpetrators, particularly if they are white. … Continued