Tea Party Bullies Republicans to the Far Right

Last week, as the Tea Party movement pressed forward with its eerie “we are the people” message, Sarah Palin drew a deeply troubling line in the sand. Her message for mainstream Republicans was: get on board with the Tea Party … Continued


Stephen Colbert Testifies

This past week Stephen Colbert testified before Congress about his one-day experience picking beans as a member of the “Take Our Jobs” campaign. The campaign, initiated by the United Farm Workers, invites Americans to take a position in farm labor … Continued


Morrissey Describes Chinese as a “Subspecies”

Morrissey is in the news again. In an interview with Simon Armitage of the Guardian Weekend magazine, the English pop-singer describes Chinese people as a “subspecies.” He made this comment in a discussion about the treatment of animals in Chinese … Continued


Tea Party Exhibits Racism, House Gives It a Caucus

According to Vice President Joe Biden, neither he nor the Obama administration believes the Tea Party to be a racist organization. This past Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Vice-President Joe Biden said, “I don’t believe—the president doesn’t believe—that the Tea … Continued


White Supremacists Rally After Racist Beating

The Rev. Al Sharpton paid a visit to Indianapolis on Sunday to shed light on the case of Brandon Johnson – a 15-year-old biracial teenager who was brutally beaten and subjected to racial slurs on May 16 by four white … Continued


Armed Neo-Nazis Hunt Immigrants in Arizona Desert

The climate of fear in Arizona’s desert has just reached new levels. Stephen Lemons’ piece in yesterday’s Phoenix New Times clearly illustrates this as he documents his trip with J.T. Ready -a neo-Nazi and border vigilante. As previously reported by … Continued


Attacks On LGBTQ Community Part Of The Anti-immigrant Agenda

Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, is in the news again attacking immigrants. This time his target is the LGBTQ community - specifically bi-national, same-sex families. In a June 4 article in the Boston Globe, … Continued


Anti-immigrant Network Inflicting Legislative Damage Nationally

If it wasn’t already apparent, Arizona’s anti-immigrant law (which legalizes and mandates racial profiling), is a civil-rights nightmare that is quickly spilling out into other states. Last week Seth Freed Wessler wrote a chilling article in Colorlines that detailed the … Continued


Fighting Fascism is a Global Effort

Since early last year the United States has seen rapid growth in many sectors of the radical right. There has been unprecedented expansion of anti-government militia groups, increased anti-immigrant rhetoric in the tea party movement, and deeply troubling proof of … Continued


Hardcore Racists Flock to NumbersUSA’s Campaign

NumbersUSA deployed its counter-action to the immigration reform march in Washington D.C over the weekend. The plan, S.T.O.P Amnesty in four days, contained carefully crafted talking points that tea party and hard-core, anti-immigrant activists used to lobby state and federal … Continued