Ecology or Ideology? The Social Contract on Population

Earlier this week, the white nationalist quarterly journal The Social Contract released its first issue of 2012. Established in 1990 by John Tanton, architect of the contemporary anti-immigrant movement, The Social Contract has long served as an outlet for the … Continued

Romney’s Immigration Policy: Don’t Deport, Just Torment

Mitt Romney has already raised eyebrows for his harshly anti-immigrant stance, with many in his own party criticizing his views and foretelling trouble for his standings in the upcoming Florida primary. So in that state’s GOP debate on Monday night, … Continued

SLLI: Its New Year Born Into Trouble

2011 was a bittersweet year for State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI). As a coalition of lawmakers committed to a nativist program, SLLI depends on its constituents to vilify immigrants and pass exclusionary legislation; additionally, it’s little more than a … Continued

Mark Krikorian Bemoans “Ethnic” Leadership at GALEO

So another new year is upon us, and it’s a time associated with turning over a new leaf—resolutions, pacts and promises to ourselves, general improvements that we’d like to make in our lives. Less often is it a time that … Continued

Nativists Now Mad They Can’t Deport the Dictionary

Established in the sixties, the American Heritage Dictionary originally set out to address what its founders lamented as excessively lenient standards in other dictionaries, and it gained a reputation for its traditionalist resistance to new words and usages. It comes … Continued


The Social Contract: Complaining About Nothing New

The Social Contract, a white nationalist quarterly journal, released its Fall issue last month. Entitled “America Transformed,” it marks twenty-five years since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), popularly derided by anti-immigrant stalwarts as the most egregious law … Continued

Is the Tanton Network Really Complaining about Money?

There’s something about the holiday season that inspires people to complain about money. About a month ago, one blog opined that a certain pro-immigrant lawyer received too much for her time at a certain not-for-profit. It’s interesting that the anti-immigrant … Continued

UPDATED: According to News Sources, Russell Pearce Recalled

UPDATE, 11-9:  According to Reuters, after falling behind opponent Jerry Lewis by a margin of 7%, recalled Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce gave a terse concession speech late Tuesday night. The disgraced legislator framed his loss with “keeping one’s promises” … Continued

Act! for America’s New Petition: Just More of the Same

It’s beginning to look like nothing ever changes. Last Thursday, the garden-variety Islamophobes at Act! for America circulated an email requesting its constituents to sign a petition, asking whether or not the respondent favors the widely used “American Laws for … Continued