Health Action Center Opening in Milan, Missouri

(Español mas abajo) As we all know,  there are currently thousands of Americans who have no access to health care, and this quandary is compounded for those living in rural areas. But for immigrants living in these areas, the situation … Continued


Slow Down the Line: Safer Food, Safer Workers

Over the years cases of contaminated food being sold to consumers have been frighteningly frequent. As is the case of the recent outbreak of Turkey meat contaminated with salmonella, which at the time of writing has already claimed one life.

Food Justice

Our Dinner Tables and the Cost of Human Lives (en Español tambien)

(Español mas abajo) Frighteningly, the cases of workers dying while harvesting or processing the food we consume on daily basis in this country are frighteningly frequent. Though they are exposed to different threats and dangers across their respective industries of … Continued


Those who are Not Allowed to Advance

Opposition to progress continues to grow as the nation struggles to deal with economic and social problems. Such is the case when it comes to the issue of immigration reform. Although the majority of the public is in agreement that … Continued

Food Justice

Holiday gathering brings together Latino community

On December 5, 2010, the Latino community in Milan, Missouri gathered to celebrate the winter holidays. Kids and adults alike were in eager anticipation as the holiday party signaled a break in their usual routines.  Working adults were able to … Continued


Low Wage Workers Fired for Injuries on the Job

Day after day, I converse with workers and hear about issues that affect their health and safety, which include injuries and accidents in the workplace.  There have been several workers, especially immigrants, who have told me their personal stories. Today … Continued