Labor Rights are Human Rights

I woke up at dawn this past Saturday, my one day off from work and looked around my house. There was laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, writing to catch up on and a relaxation session to be … Continued

Pursuit of Perfection

My pursuit of perfection became much easier once I started school. Not only did I have tangible proof of my worth in the form of grades, but I also was able to spend time with Tata, since he was in … Continued

Orphaned Father

A man of brilliant intellect and sparkling humor, tata went through life largely unrecognized and unrewarded for the depth of his observations and quickness of his wit. Abandoned and neglected at the age of four, after his mother’s tragic death … Continued


Dispatch from Sarajevo

I recently returned from a week-long visit to Sarajevo. Flying into Sarajevo airport and watching the awe-inspiring mountain ranges and green hills, I could not shake off the memories of my escape over them during the war. As the plane … Continued


Echoes Of A Dark Past

For a long time now I have been living with feelings of alienation from the culture of my youth, as well as the pain that comes with the feelings of non-belonging. I was a product of a mixed marriage, a … Continued

Who Will Protect You?

Ignored by most of the world, an ongoing refugee crisis in Kenya is at a breaking point. The plight of Somali refugees, who are seeking a safe place in Kenya against persecution and violence, is becoming increasingly grim. Human Rights … Continued


I Am More Than My Body

Women’s experiences of war are almost exclusively examined through the prism of rape and sexual torture. With the mass scale and the organized nature of rape during the Bosnian war, these stories were important to tell. In many ways, they … Continued