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NC FIRE’s Leader James Johnson Openly Sharing White Nationalist Materials

Guest Blogger • Dec 20, 2011

Johnson with FAIR's President, Dan Stein

by Domenic Powell

James Johnson, the leader of North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NC FIRE) and a past participant at Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) events, has repeatedly shared articles from VDARE and the American Renaissance via Facebook. Even the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), another NC-based anti-immigrant organization, have banned the American Renaissance from being posted in the forums on their website because of their overtly racist content and beliefs.

On Nov 5, Johnson shared an American Renaissance article criticizing Martin Luther King Jr. because he “denied racial differences” and “wanted to force people to associate with each other.” Johnson’s comment on the article was that it was “the hidden truth no one talks about [sic].” Another article Johnson shared less than two weeks ago from American Renaissance criticizes New Gingrich’s “pandering to Hispanics,” and also puts forth that “whites would do well to study his record closely before pulling the lever next year.”

On Nov 6, Johnson shared an article from VDARE entitled, “Stupid is as Stupid Does—Black Politicians Training Their Replacements.” The article concludes with the following:

“And, in fact, black people are going. They are being replaced by Hispanics, either by hook or by crook. And blacks are co-conspirators in the sunseting [sic] of their political power. And no one deserves it more for the damage they did to this country. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

(l-r) Garcia-Quintana, Tom Tancredo, Johnson

These posts in mind, Johnson has a well-recorded history of  personally associating with white nationalists.

For example, he is a friend of Roan Garcia-Quintana, a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a group whose leadership has referred to blacks as a “retrograde species of humanity.” Garcia-Quintana, a Cuban-born white nationalist who was featured in a video released by NumbersUSA back in 2009, once stated during a CofCC event that “there are three types of people in the world: Negroids, Mongroids, and Caucasians.”

(l-r) Pantano & Johnson, together at the recent NC Committee meeting.

The American Renaissance was run out of its own conference this year in Charlotte, NC, after it became public that the city would be hosting some of the leading minds in “race science” and “white activism.” Venue after venue closed their doors to their bigotry. Despite their embarrassing encounter with the increasingly progressive Southern state, it appears that they still have made a few in-roads.

Ilario Pantano, for instance, a Republican running for North Carolina Seventh District seat, accompanied Johnson to a committee meeting on immigration that was held by the North Carolina General Assembly on December 4. NC FIRE has endorsed Pantano, but Pantano probably shouldn’t be so eager to consort with the white nationalist movement.

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