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Ilario Pantano Receives First Endorsement from Anti-Corporate Conspiracy Theorist

Guest Blogger • Dec 08, 2011

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by Domenic Powell

William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALI-PAC), has endorsed Ilario Pantano, a former commodities trader for Goldman Sachs, in his run for Congress in North Carolina’s 7th District.

While Pantano might be “honored” to receive the endorsement of the state’s biggest bigot, he might want to have a critical glance at Gheen’s past railings against bankers and “traitorous corporations.”

Earlier this year, Gheen conceded defeat, check that, offered a truce to Bank of America after his three-year attempt to organize a boycott against one of the biggest businesses in the country. On the ALIPAC-owned website “bankofamericaboycott.com,” boycott operatives highlight the banks woes, including an SEC investigation and drops in profits. Obviously, the financial difficulties faced by the bank have far more to do with the general state of the economy rather than the ALIPAC-led boycott, but that didn’t stop them from gloating.

Gheen has long cast himself as an anti-corporate “crusader,” if you will, even if it means pitting his cause against economic growth.

In an essay written in 2007 titled, “Why the Illegals Must Go!,” Gheen claims that “the housing and real estate markets, Wal-Mart, and McDonalds” are “growing the economy using rapid population growth. This is great news for big corporations and bad news for Americans.” Also in 2007, Gheen railed against “elite financial forces” that controlled the government and eulogized the United States, claiming that it was “smothered by a human tsunami from the Third World, invading with corporate sponsorship.”

Other than Bank of America, Gheen also blames Wells Fargo and the US Chamber of Commerce for the figurative death of the United States as he knows it.

While Gheen has had to shift his argument from blaming immigrants for a good economy to blaming them for a bad one, he hasn’t backed down in his fight against the corporate class. According to Gheen, corporations are colluding with undocumented immigrants in order to destroy the United States. In an email he sent to his supporters on October 10 of this year, Gheen wrote:

“The illegal alien invaders and their supporters have many national organizations and hundreds if not thousands of local organizations fueled with government grants and donations by large global corporations and banks eager to see the United States dismantled and submerged. They are eager to see you submerged in a sea of newcomers who will make it impossible for you to ever have political influence again.”

Pantano received Gheen’s endorsement the same day that ALI-PAC announced that it failed to reach its minimum operations fundraising goal. Perhaps this is just another sign that Mr. Gheen’s influence is just further waning, as he and his drift further into a backwash of political obsolescence.

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