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Islamophobic Leaders Continue Quest to Demonize Muslims

Guest Blogger • Jun 09, 2011

By Jerry Higgins

Two of the highest profile Islamophobes in the US at the moment have had very busy weeks. Pamela Geller, of the Atlas Shrugs blog, and Robert Spencer, of the Jihad Watch blog, are well known in the world of Islamophobia.
Together Geller and Spencer seem to have a good partnership—last year they published a book about Obama’s presidency. Unfortunately for them at this particular book signing only eight people turned up!

This week Geller has been partaking in a bit of historical revisionism. The recent arrest of Ratko Mladic in Serbia has made Geller slightly angry. In her opinion the man known as the Butcher of Srebrenica didn’t deserve to be arrested because he was fighting Muslims. He is accused of genocide for the killing of an estimated 8,000 men in the Srebrenica town and surrounding areas. Geller states that the number of dead is far too high; she puts the estimate at a few hundred. She also includes in one of her blogs a letter in which the author argues that even if the numbers do rise as high as 8,000 it still does not count as genocide because they only killed men of a ‘military age’ and let the women and children go into U.N. camps. She also claims that Muslims fired on fellow Muslims in order to blame the Serbs and extract international sympathy. She quotes Julia Gorin who says:
But, again, the Muslims desperately need their genocide, and Flugge has the gall to deprive them of it. Not only did the judge commit the unforgivable sin, he added insult to injury by adding, “Strictly speaking, the term genocide only fits to the Holocaust.” Which, off the bat, negates the whole point of the whole exercise of the hard-won “genocide.” (Equal political footing with Jews, whom they see as deriving much of their sympathy and clout from the Holocaust.)”

As to her claim about it not being genocide, I suggest that Gorin check out the Genocide Watch website as it sets out what constitutes genocide. To put it simply genocide is the attempt to destroy in whole or in part a certain group of people. The Geneva Convention states that only enemy combatants can be engaged in battle. By including the term ‘military age,’ revisionists like Geller are trying to confuse the situation and make it appear less atrocious.
Robert Spencer was away on a trip to Europe this week. He was speaking at an event organized by the “Citizens Movement Paz Europa” (BPE) group in Stuttgart, Germany. BPE has been described as an independent, nonpartisan movement and considers itself a European Civil Rights Movement and a Human Rights Organization. Our objectives are to protect not only the democratic, free and secular rule of law in our country but also to struggle for European culture based on the Judeo-Christian traditions.
So just so we’re clear the BPE is a secular group that values Judaism and Christianity above all others.
He was also appearing with René Stadtkewitz, a German politician who has just started a new political party called the Freedom Party. Stadtkewitz has been expelled from the Christian Democratic Union, German Chancellor Merkel’s party, for inviting Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders to a conference in Berlin.
Spencer is working with an international network of anti-Muslim politicians and other high-profile people.
Although Geller and Spencer were involved with some very different activities this week, their aim was the same, to continue with their quest to try and demonize Muslims.

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