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Rand Paul: The Best Friend a White Supremacist Can Have

MJ Olahafa • Nov 12, 2010

Dr. Rand Paul, ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, Kentucky, has accomplished a great many things in his life. Owning and operating his own ophthalmology clinic is impressive for one. Running and winning Senator in Kentucky with his first attempt in politics, also outstanding. But being featured on white supremacist websites left and right? Now THAT takes the cake!

The November 2nd elections are over and for those who won, it is now time to bask in the glory. Sarah Palin backed and Tea Party poster boy, Kentucky-elect Senator Rand Paul has been doing just that. And the pats on the back are coming from the most unsavory places. On November 3rd, an article congratulating Rand Paul was posted on WhiteCivilRights.com, a white nationalist website owned by David Duke.

For those not familiar with the name, 2012 Presidential Candidate David Duke is one of the most openly racist and anti-Semitic figures of our time. Duke openly advocates for racial segregation and white separatism, yet he claims not to be anti-black, merely pro-white and pro-Christian. He founded and was Grand Wizard of the Louisiana Chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.  After his KKK chapter was disbanded, Duke started infiltrating mainstream politics as a new outlet for his hateful agenda. Perhaps his new BFF, Randy, can help him become relevant again.

The article, written by James Buchanan, states:

This election marks a great milestone for White Americans. Many people were of the opinion that nothing could be changed in the two-party system. But long-term incumbent RINOs, Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Bennett were defeated in their primaries, and numerous people claiming an association with the Tea Party have gone on to victory in the 2010 election.

Another white nationalist website that has been fiercely rooting for Rand Paul is VDare.com, named after Virginia Dare, the first white woman born on US soil. When Rand Paul went on a rampage to challenge the 1964 Civil Rights Act, VDare.com was there for him, cheering him on with tried and true phrases like ‘Go Paul go!’ and ‘Way to go Rand Paul.’ Who says bigotry and cheerleading don’t mix?

Now, in addition to repealing the 14th Amendment and taking away birthright citizenship from children born to undocumented parents, Rand Paul is also opposed to the building of a Muslim Cultural Center a few blocks from Ground Zero. And this xenophobic act got him noticed by yet another white nationalist website, Occidental Dissent.

And even though the love here was not as gooey as elsewhere, do not be concerned. Rand Paul has no shortage of white supremacist friends. Enter James Edwards of The Political Cesspool Radio Show, who boasts in no uncertain terms how much he loves and adores the man.  As illustrated in his article,  ‘Is Rand Paul a Racist?’

Well, he has two White parents, so of course he is! That’s pretty much the repugnant logic employed by the current regime. […] That being said, however, I do want to be clear when I say that Rand Paul still has a lot of potential and should be supported by the listening audience of The Political Cesspool Radio Program.

Seriously, get a room.

As Kentucky welcomes its shiny new Senator into office next year, people should make sure he takes the time to write thank you notes to all his friends cited above. Because really, nothing says Welcome to Kentucky, like a Senator with huge white nationalist support, eh?

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