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The Hypocrisy of the Tanton Network’s “Environmental Platform”

Stephen Piggott • Sep 22, 2010

stephenMany of the organizations affiliated with John Tanton and the Tanton Network claim to be either environmental groups or groups that have strong environmental policies.  One thing heard over and over again from these anti-immigrant organizations is the phrase “you can’t be an environmentalist if you don’t take a stand against illegal immigration.”  Tanton Network groups love to blame immigrants for a broad range of environmental issues like the BP oil spill, trash on the US/Mexico border and the alleged increase of cars on American highways.

The truth is that these “environmental” groups are hypocritical. A classic example of this is a number of comments made by Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) executive director Mark Krikorian at this year’s Conservative Political Action Committee Conference in Washington, DC.  During the Q&A session after a panel discussion a young man asked Mark Krikorian why CIS published articles on its website that support the theory of global warming. The man also asked Krikorian to explain his and CIS’s connections to John Tanton, whom he referred to as a man that “favors population control.” Krikorian nonchalantly answered the first question by stating that CIS publishes articles that acknowledge global warming to force a wedge between different people on the Left. Krikorian argued that people on the Left cannot be in favor of both open borders and taking care of the environment.

Another example of the hypocrisy that exists within the Tanton Network when it comes to environmental issues is the voting record of the House Immigration Reform Caucus.   The Caucus, which has strong ties to other Tanton Network groups such as FAIR, has a horrible voting record when it comes to environmental issues.

Many of these anti-immigrant organizations are flocking to Washington, DC early next month for the 1st National Conference on Immigration, Conservation and the Environment. The event is sponsored by Progressives for Immigration Reform, a Tanton Network group designed to lure progressives into taking an anti-immigrant stance. The group’s executive director is Leah Durant. Durant has also been identified as the executive director of Institute for a Sustainable America, another group who claims to be sponsoring the conference. This is not the first time that Durant has caused confusion. Earlier this year Durant had her column from the Huffington Post pulled after the Post learned of Durant’s ties to white nationalists.

The Tanton Network organizations are using the environment for their own political gain. Using environmental issues as a wedge, and maintaining abysmal voting records on environmental issues are just two of the many examples. The Tanton Network groups must be exposed for what they are- organizations that will use every trick in the book in an attempt to turn Americans against immigrants and stop them from coming to the United States.

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