Immigration Acrostic

Asinine interjections of anti-immigrant hate create

Bathos to any expectation of intelligent thought

Coming from people who, in their own insecurities,

Denigrate those who cross oceans and cross burning deserts—having been

Excluded from all that mutual wealth

Free trade agreements egregiously guaranteed.

Greed runs rampant as big bosses make profits while

Hypocritical descendants of immigrants clamor about an

Imagined invasion, their ignorance exceedingly ugly.

Jokes are played on folks from around the world who anticipated

Kind and warm welcome to this “land of the free.”

Labor under-rewarded is order of the day,

Manipulated by rulers of capital capitalizing off the

Need of poor folk and refugees to replenish their children’s bellies,

Or remit something home to stave off starvation.

Prejudice is prescribed through parapets and prohibitive policies.

Queries as to how we might best welcome our new neighbors are deflected by

Restrictionists who reroute public thought with lies of how immigration

Supposedly steals from “our” surplus and sacks “our” social order.

Those tainted by Tanton tout English-only as the only form of acceptable communication, and

Undervalue ethnic studies that enhance a healthy society.  My people:

Void from your souls all such vitriol against those who arrive.

White America is threatened, in the minds of the haters, and

Xenophobic fear is what they will tempt you to.

You, however, must be wise to such lies, and permit

Zero tolerance for hate against the newcomer in this place.