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Aryan Nations Leader Running Unopposed For School Board in California

Stephen Piggott • Aug 04, 2010

UPDATE: Last night another person filed papers to run for the school board position which means that Daniel Schruender is no longer running unopposed.

Daniel Schruender, the director of publications and information for the California chapter of the Aryan Nations 88, has filed papers (scroll to page 58) to run for a school board position in Rialto, California. Schruender announced his plans on his blog in which he stated, “Today, August 2, 2010, the Aryan Nations has moved from talking about running for political office to actually doing it. Many of you read a previous post on the forum, and an article in the last issue of the Quarterly where I said I was considering it. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.”

Schruender’s group, Aryan Nations 88, is one of many spin off groups descending from the original Aryan Nations, which was widely considered one of the country’s leading white supremacist groups. Based on a large compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho, Aryan Nations was founded by white supremacist Richard Butler. Butler also happened to be a pioneer in the Christian Identity movement, a religious movement that believes salvation is solely for whites, that people of color are soulless, and that Jews are the spawns of Satan.

The Aryan Nations lost their compound and most of its membership after losing a lawsuit brought forth by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Since the suit, the group has split into many factions. The faction that Schruender is a part of is based in Chillicothe, Ohio and allegedly has 14 chapters across the country. The national director of this faction, Paul Mullet, attempted to buy a plot of land in John Day, Oregon to create a new compound. His plans were scrapped however when mass protests were organized by the town’s residents.

Schruender’s election bid is not the only recent Aryan Nations activity in Rialto. In April, the San Bernardino Sun reported that the Aryan Nations members passed out packets containing flyers inviting residents to join them in celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday. In a nearby town, the group passed out packets containing racist language which stated, “happy Easter to all you … from your friends at the Aryan Nations.

Schruender’s blog makes no effort to disguise his racist beliefs. His picture for the blog shows him standing in front of a large swastika flag. He also has links to racist websites such as “Jew Watch” “Chimp Out” and “Chimp Skin.”

As of today, Schruender is running UNOPPOSED for the school board position! The deadline for anyone wanting to file to run against Schruender is this Friday, August 6.

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