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Anti-Immigrant Groups Forced to Address Ties to White Nationalists

Stephen Piggott • Jul 14, 2010

White Boys SocietyIt’s no secret that the anti-immigrant movement in the United States has long and deep connections to white nationalist individuals and organizations. The current anti-immigrant movement is tainted by these ties and they follow the anti-immigrant individuals and organizations into whatever area they go.  For years, civil rights organizations like the Center for New Community, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, to name a few, have exposed these ties for the world to see.

Since the summer began we have seen many examples of anti-immigrant organizations forced to act in defense of their ties to white nationalist individuals and organizations. Here are a few examples:

Kris Kobach, a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal arm of the hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform, and his buddy Sheriff Joe Arpaio were forced to relocate a Kansas anti-immigrant event after the location raised concerns.

The anti-immigrant group ALIPAC pulled out of a recent anti-immigrant rally on June 5 in Phoenix, Arizona citing that the rally’s organizer, Daniel Smeriglio’s ties to neo-Nazis. Smeriglio spoke at the rally which began with a procession by the white power biker gang, White Boy Society. Following this incident, ALPIAC was publically lambasted by white nationalist organization VDARE who criticized ALIPAC leader William Gheen for being immature and “not a deep thinker or even a particularly gifted political strategist.” Another white nationalist organization, Occidental Dissent called ALIPAC “a cancer on the body of the immigration reform movement.”

The hate group FAIR recently bowed to pressure from civil rights organizations and removed the organization “Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement” from its list of state contacts. Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement website contains a host of holocaust denial videos featuring disgraced British holocaust denier David Irving as well as former Klansman, David Duke.

The executive director of anti-immigrant group Progressives For Immigration Reform had her column on Huffington Post cancelled after details of her connections to white nationalists came to light.

Finally, in its most recent issue, The Social Contract, a magazine founded by white nationalist John Tanton, which has featured many white nationalist writers throughout its existence, featured an article from Tanton. In the article he attempted to defend himself against irrefutable evidence that shows that he is in fact a white nationalist.

The anti-immigrant movement’s leaders’ strong ties to white nationalists and white nationalist organizations are causing them to think twice about with whom they associate. Some organizations like FAIR, NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies will never be able to rid themselves of the taint of Tanton. He currently sits on FAIR’s board. Other anti-immigrant organizations like ALIPAC, whose leader William Gheen is no saint, have decided attending rallies organized by people with neo-Nazi friends is too detrimental to their cause. You also have others like Kris Kobach and Joe Arpaio whose very presence at a venue is a potential security concern because of their racist connections. The anti-immigrant movement’s bigoted views and connections to white nationalists are costing it dearly and just as Rachel Maddow showed us, there is no defending yourself against irrefutable evidence of ties to hate.

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