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What’s Wrong With Nebraska?

Stephen Piggott • Jul 01, 2010

When people think of Nebraska, things like the open road or University of Nebraska Cornhusker’s great college football team come to mind. In recent weeks however, Nebraska has become a hotbed for white nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment. Just last week, the residents of Fremont, Nebraska passed an anti-immigrant ordinance which bars businesses from hiring and landlords from renting to undocumented immigrants. The man behind the ordinance is Kris Kobach, a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the legal arm of the hate group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) which has strong ties to white nationalists.

This coming weekend, on land somewhere outside of Omaha, the American Division of Blood & Honour will be hosting a gathering. Blood & Honour was originally founded in England and is a neo-Nazi network. Blood & Honour American Division surfaced in 2005 by members of the neo-Nazi organization, Volksfront. Blood & Honour is made up of a toxic mix of Christian Identity adherents, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis. While the details of this weekend’s gathering are vague, there are some clues as to who is running this twisted festival.

Omaha, Nebraska happens to be last known location of former Volksfront founder president Randal Krager. Krager has a long history of violence against minorities and anti-racists. Two of the bands playing at this year’s event played a similar event in Omaha two years ago. That event was organized by “Pastor Drew National Socialist Movement Iowa.” Pastor Drew appears to be Drew Bostwick, who according to a post on a white nationalist message board was “the last Pastor ordained by Richard Butler at Aryan Nations in Northern Idaho” The Aryan Nations was a notorious neo-Nazi organization who practiced Christian Identity. According to this ideology, “salvation is strictly race-based and reserved to God’s Israel, i.e. the White, Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Germanic and kindred race. All the other races – except for Jews – are ‘mud-people’, created prior to Adam and without souls.”

Events like this weekend’s Blood & Honour gathering should not be tolerated by those who live in Nebraska. The people behind the event have a history of violence and are a potential danger to the public. Recently, an anti-racist activist was paralyzed in an assassination attempt in Portland, Oregon. These acts of violence are not isolated. They occur because a climate of hate is allowed to take hold. The email address given for the Blood & Honour event is [email protected].

While the anti-immigrant ordinance in Fremont does not promote violence, it, like the Blood & Honour gathering, serve as continued instances of hate that are being allowed to fester in Nebraska.

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