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Anti-immigrant Groups Featured at Tea Party Events

Cloee Cooper • Apr 15, 2010

Today, affiliates of the anti-immigrant John Tanton Network will be given the platform at multiple tea party events nationwide, as will a few of their nativist allies.

Corresponding to tax day, anti-immigrant group ALI-PAC organized Tea Party Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration events from April 15-17 in 52 locations nationwide. When ALI-PAC coordinated similar tea party events on November 14, 2009, they featured several speakers affiliated with the Tanton Network. ALI-PAC is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Congressman Tom Tancredo, founder of the Tanton-affiliated House Immigration Reform Caucus, and William Gheen, president of ALI-PAC, will be guest speakers at numerous Tea Party events. Tancredo will appear in Tempe, Arizona and then fly to South Carolina. Arizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio is expected to speak at a tea party today in Arizona.

Tancredo is not the only affiliate of the Tanton Network who will take center stage at a tea party event. Kris Kobach of the Immigration Reform Law Institute is scheduled to speak in Kansas City on April 19. Ron Woodard, director of NC Listen, a group based in North Carolina and financially supported and trained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, will be speaking at the Raleigh Tea Party today.

NumbersUSA is also playing a role in today’s tea party. In an email recently circulated by ALI-PAC director William Gheen, he noted:

“We also want to thank all of the NumbersUSA supporters who have signed up to support this effort. We hope all of our supporters will sign up at and support via www.NumbersUSA.com.”

Moreover, Numbers USA features the organizer of South Carolina’s Tea Party, Roan Garcia Quintana in its video, Immigration 106 — The Emergency Room: Immigration and the Welfare State and Immigration 110 — By the People and For the People: Grassroots America. Just to highlight NumbersUSA’s connection to white nationalists, Roan Garcia Quintana was listed as a member of the overtly racist Council of Conservative Citizens and spoke at its 2008 national conference.

The John Tanton Network has managed to maintain a veneer of mainstream credibility, but its true colors are revealing themselves. Bill Fletcher of Blackcommentator.com noted in a recent article “This crowd, as a crowd, constitutes a right-wing, racist movement that must be opposed; in fact, it must be disrupted.” It is time to do exactly that.

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