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Anti-Immigrant (FAIR) Co-Chair Digs Fresh Pile of Bigotry

Eric Ward • Jun 20, 2009

Donald Collins, Co-Chair of the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) Board of Advisers, is the latest of their representatives who is attempting to rescue what little remains of the group’s facade of respectability. If sincere, he should, first, resign from FAIR’s advisory board and, second, begin making amends for his own ties to white supremacy.

A week has passed since anti-immigrant activist Shawna Forde was charged in Arizona with the murder of nine-year old Brisenia Flores. In the days following, reports alleging that Shawna Forde may have been a representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform have surfaced. Needless to say, FAIR’s spin machine is smoking from their continuous scrambles to efface any and all of their connections to Forde or white supremacy.

To be sure, defending FAIR from charges that associate it with political extremists is an impossible task, not a difficult one, and this is especially the case when individuals like Collins are left to fan away the smoke. In an essay published on the VDARE website, Collins argues that it is unfair to draw connections between anti-immigration organizations, like FAIR, and the racist beliefs that allegedly motivated accused murderer Shawna Forde.

Doing so, claims Collins, will stop real dialogue on issues such as “immigration” and “racial hatred” from emerging.

After all, Collins is assuring us that Forde’s extremism doesn’t represent “mainstream” organizations such as FAIR.

However, what is both ironic and fully illuminating about Collins and FAIR’s requests that we the public “judge [them] fairly” is that his calls for equanimity have been published on a well known white nationalist website. VDARE, published by the Center for American Unity, is notorious for featuring racist and anti-Semitic pieces and is even named after Virginia Dare, allegedly the first white child to be born in the Americas to English parents.

What Collins’ choice of publishing venue truly affirms and underscores is exactly how an organization like FAIR even begins to conceptualize what constitutes a cultural “mainstream,” with their resulting definition seeming to lack any sense or equilibrium of fairness altogether. The irony implicit in Collins’ choice of publishing venue is as surprising as FAIR’s reaction to this tragedy is predictable.

After all, since 2005 Collins has been a regular contributor to VDARE. He has also published work in the white nationalist journal Social Contract Press, whose editor, Wayne Lutton, is also a member of the openly racist, anti-tax Council of Conservative Citizens. Collins also publishes writings in The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, which is headed by far right organizer Roger Pearson, who was active with Noontide Press, the neo-Nazi organization that employed James Von Brunn, the D.C. Holocaust Museum shooter.

FAIR’s alleged “30-year record of responsible advocacy” is nothing more than an egregious compass of ghost stories built solely for misdirection, with each story displaying for all the ample, stark evidence of just far how beyond the pale one must search to locate where the group’s “mainstream” America perhaps exists.

Furthermore, that individuals like Collins constitute FAIR’s leadership is the group’s own testimony to just how comfortable with white nationalism FAIR actually is. And that Collins is allowed to defend FAIR publicly evidences even more about the full depths of the group’s existing desperation.

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