I’ve Had Enough With Anti-Immigration

Eric Ward • Aug 27, 2008

I love a good joke. Speaking of which, ever hear the one about the white supremacist and the radio host who headed to Washington D.C. to lobby elected officials?

No? Well, that’s understandable because it’s no joke.

On September 10th and 11th radio show hosts working alongside the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) will be in our nation’s capitol to join in a collective attempt to convince elected officials that the road to solving the immigration crisis lies in a gutter filled with racism and bigotry. FAIR, incidentally, is calling this event “Hold Their Feet to the Fire.”

FAIR and other anti-immigrant organizations from the Beltway to the borders are trying yet again to divide our country. They’re seeking the repeal of hard-won civil rights, going so far as to advocate overturning the 14th Amendment to our Constitution.

This dank amalgam of talk radio hosts, reactionary politicians, and firebrand media figures such as Lou Dobbs are escalating their attacks against immigrants, not the immigration policies themselves, with the goal of erasing any evidence of American notions of social-inclusion and opportunity by undermining the rights of working people of all races.

Let us be clear in our understanding that neither democracy nor human dignity is served when FAIR and its allies seek immigration policies that deny basic human rights and fail to acknowledge the realities of migration flows in an era of capitalistic globalization. Simply put, FAIR is exacerbating the migration struggles currently facing our nation, not “solving” them. And whatever your views on immigration policy, it’s hard not to be disturbed by the increasingly scornful attacks by FAIR and their allies.

Their objectives are simple: to inject fear into the minds of Americans. Here are just a few examples of individuals spreading FAIR’s virulent message.

We’ve got to make it in this country so (immigrants) can’t exist here…We’ve got to rattle their teeth and put their feet to the fire!” – FAIR supporter and syndicated talk radio host Terry Anderson, April, 2007.

When you have a Catholic Church that is violating its 501(c)3 by getting involved in political issues; that has been ravaged because of all the children who were molested; and a lot of people upset about that and leaving the church; what better way to fill your pews and fill your offering coffers then with inviting in and giving sanctuary to illegal aliens?” – Rosanna Pulido, FAIR staff member, October, 2007.

Our enemies are bloodied and beaten. We cannot relent. Our boot is on their throat and we must have the willingness to crush their ‘throat’ so that we can put our enemy down for good. The sovereignty of our nation and the future of our culture and civilization is at stake.” – Joseph Turner, Save Our State (S.O.S), former staff member of FAIR.

Fortunately for our nation and our families, Americans of all creeds and ethnicities across time have striven to defend others.

Let’s make sure that when FAIR arrives in Washington D.C. that they fully realize there are thousands of us who will never treat blatant bigotry as a joke. Let’s start by sending emails to KOGO-AM 600 (San Diego, CA) Program Director Cliff Albert, asking why he is allowing their radio host Roger Hedgecock, under the auspices of KOGO, to organize an event with FAIR, an organization with many ties to white supremacist organizations and activists. You can email Cliff Albert at [email protected].

Next, let’s contact KOGO sponsor LA Weight Loss (888-258-7099) and ask them the same question. Be sure to ask for Marie Palumbo, Vice President of Local Marketing.

Throughout our country’s history, small but vocal groups of narrow-minded individuals have sought to separate those who have just recently arrived here from those whose families have existed here for some time. We must stand with the generations of Americans who’ve fought the voices of bigotry and anti-immigrant extremism.

Right now, it’s our turn to put FAIR’s feet to the fire!

*Image gratefully borrowed from Editor B’s photostream

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