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Ex-FBI Agent Turned Islamophobe, John Guandolo, to Give Talk on the Threat of “Jihadi Neighborhoods”

Imagine 2050 Staff • Jan 14, 2014

Former FBI agent and anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo is co-hosting an Islamophobic event in Oak Grove, Kentucky today where he will present on “jihadi networks in U.S. and your neighborhood,” according to the event’s flier. He will discuss the Muslim Brotherhood’s alleged influence and threat they pose in states like Kentucky and Tennessee, and the greater United States. The event promises Guandolo will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to defend their state against “further incursion” by America’s “enemies” (read: Muslims).

John Guandolo

After resigning in disgrace from the FBI, Guandolo has made such a career out of pushing an anti-Muslim agenda and conspiracy theories, that he has become a prominent figure within the organized Islamophobia movement. He continues to tout his previous experience working in the FBI’s counter-terrorism division to give basis to his outlandish conspiracy theories regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence and how they seek to implement Sharia law in the United States. His previously held position, combined with outrageous accusations about Muslims, has also made him a welcomed addition to the far Right anti-Muslim cohort where he regularly presents on conservative talk shows as an “expert” on terrorism and Islam.

Guandolo has become an increasingly prevalent voice in the Islamophobia movement. He recently joined fellow anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney on his radio show to discuss the importance of citizens working with local and state law enforcement to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood. During the interview, Guandolo suggested to Gaffney that average citizens should seek out local law enforcement, especially sheriffs who he called the “most powerful law enforcement in the country,” and provide them with the “facts” of the Muslim Brotherhood’s alleged plot. This targeting of sheriffs is nothing short of concerning considering the dangers already seen with the anti-immigrant movement’s efforts to work with rogue sheriffs to promote and enforce racial profiling, and operate as immigration officers.

It is important to take a look back at Guandolo’s efforts last year  to  see what he may have in store for the New Year. These efforts included:

  • Embarking on a smear campaign against newly appointed CIA director John Brennan, claiming he is secretly a Muslim and proof the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations have infiltrated the federal government.
  • In an effort to rid law enforcement training materials of “suffocating political correctness” and Muslim bias, Guandolo coordinated with the anti-Muslim grassroots organization ACT! for America to launch the Thin Blue Line Project, a website designed to aid law enforcement in combating extremism. However, the website proved to be another tool for anti-Muslim activists to further spread conspiracy theories about Muslims and Islam, as well as further encourage the unlawful surveillance and profiling of Muslim communities by law enforcement.
  •  In October, Guandolo further demonstrated the ongoing collaboration between the anti-immigrant and Islamophobia movements after he spoke at a Writer’s Workshop event put on by The Social Contract Press, a white nationalist publication founded by John Tanton. His topic of discussion was the alleged threat Muslims and Islam pose to homeland security.

Guandolo and his efforts to “educate” average citizens about fictitious threats of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law will only lead to increased animosity and fear toward America’s Muslim communities. His recent actions also warrant the continued need to watch and call him out on his reckless fear-mongering.


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