Brigitte Gabriel to speak at event sponsored by vehemently anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT group

Imagine2050 Staff • Apr 07, 2016
Brigitte Gabriel at the 2014 Values Voter Summit. Source: YouTube
Brigitte Gabriel at the 2014 Values Voter Summit. Source: YouTube

On April 14, ACT! for America founder and president Brigitte Gabriel has been invited to speak at an event sponsored by the Virginia Christian Alliance, a group known for espousing controversial, if not outright bigoted, rhetoric about Muslims and LGBT people. The event is scheduled to take place at Life Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Gabriel will be giving an “intelligence briefing” on ISIS and the group’s alleged presence in America. She is scheduled to discuss the signs of “a jihadist ready to strike” in a community as well as ISIS’s “ideology.” Gabriel, an strident anti-Muslim demagogue in her own right, has previously claimed “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim” and has regularly questioned the loyalty of American Muslims.

The Virginia-based group hosting Gabriel espouses an elitist view of Christianity as well as a vehemently anti-gay and anti-Muslim agenda.

“We believe Jesus is completely different from the founders of other religions and He cannot be listed with nor compared to the founders of Hinduism, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, etc.,” reads a statement on the group’s webpage.

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In fact, the Virginia Christian Alliance’s website is littered with bigoted rhetoric about Islam and Muslims. One of the featured articles currently on the group’s website is by Stephen McDowell, who serves on the organization’s advisory board.

In the article, titled “Why Men Commit Evil Acts,” McDowell claims the reason individuals commit atrocities in the world, like the recent attacks in Belgium, is because they have not adopted the Christian view and are instead secularists or follow other religions.

“False ideologies and wicked rulers are some of the tools Satan has used to seek to destroy man and God’s kingdom,” he writes. “The false religion of Islam has especially been an instrument of oppression, destruction, and death.”

The Virginia Christian Alliance also features a webinar by McDowell on its website titled “The Threat of Islam to Liberty and Christianity” where he calls to “Restrict immigration of Muslims and others who do not embrace our Biblical constitutional principles” because “the seed of the religion (Islam) is false and destructive, both for personal salvation and societal well-being.” Other bigoted articles featured on the organization’s website include “Islam Is Not An Abrahamic Religion” and “Fear of Muslims is Not a Phobia, but Rational”

Virginia Christian Alliance also takes a radical and abhorrent stance against LGBT people, claiming, “Spreading acceptance of homosexuality is one of the biggest threats facing our nation today.” The group also equates homosexuality to a “psychological disorder” and puts it on par with “incest, pedophilia, [and] bestiality.”

The group has previously honored David Barton, who has been labeled an anti-LGBT extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Virginia Christian Alliance has also honored conservative Christian personality Pat Robertson, who has referred to Islam as the “Antichrist.”

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