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Anti-Immigrant ALIPAC (finally) Launches New Website

Imagine 2050 Staff • Jul 10, 2012

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC

Update: ALIPAC’s site has been up for a few months now. We simply got confused because the upgrade from a platform circa 1994 to a platform circa 1995 doesn’t load correctly on some computers nowadays. Alas, we here at Imagine2050 do have the heart to admit when we’ve made a misstep. Obviously, as you can see with his quarrel with KGUN9 -TV in Tucson, AZ, taking a misstep is something Mr. Gheen would or ever will do-click here. Our deepest, deepest regrets.

After months of being in self-manifested crisis-mode and apparently coasting along on gas fumes, i.e begging/fund-raising, North Carolina’s own Tom Tancredo-loving/immigrant-bashing ALIPAC has rejoined the World Wide Web. William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), has been for weeks now lamenting and frantically bemoaning the imminent demise of-as he qualifies their staff of 4 people-the “3rd largest” anti-immigrant group in the country:

“Only 8 days remain for us to save America’s 3rd largest illegal immigration fighting national organization. Please spread the word and respond quickly. If ALIPAC fails to meet our minimum operations funding level in 8 days, America will lose the only remaining national illegal immigration fighting organization formed since 2003 that is still standing.”

Anyway, it seems not much has changed-remember, it was Gheen who suggested that “extra-political activities” that were “illegal and violent” might be an option immigration restrictionists are forced to choose. Written in just the 3rd blog post up since its relaunch, a piece titled, “Reform – making illegal immigration legal,” the writer, penning under the username “Cujo47,” writes:

“They are going to do it anyway. They are just waiting for the election to be over with. We are in a world of crap. If we do not vote these people out, we might as well kiss our assess goodbye, [sic] we will be Mexico [sic] It is called GLOBALISATION [sic].”

Spelling and grammar errors aside, only time will tell whether Gheen and ALIPAC’s bite will match their bark. The banner below, which appears at about 4 times this size on the “Volunteers” page of ALIPAC’s new site, signifies the Nativist paranoia that drives the group’s work. If you can’t make them out, from left-to-right, the following flags are depicted as being raised before and above the US Capitol building: USSR, Mexico, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

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