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ACT! Spotlight: Ann Corcoran, anti-refugee activist

Imagine2050 Staff • Sep 03, 2015

One of the speakers at ACT! for America’s conference this year will be Ann Corcoran. An anti-refugee activist, Corcoran has recently made a name for herself among anti-Muslim and far-right figures.

Based out of Maryland, Corcoran runs the vehemently anti-Muslim blog “Refugee Resettlement Watch.” She writes regular posts framing refugee resettlement policies as extreme government overreach and part of a greater agenda to “import” refugees – particularly Muslims – to purposely change the nation’s demographics.

Speaking at the ACT! for America conference may not be Corcoran’s only collaboration with the extreme anti-Muslim group. In July, ACT! announced it would be launching a “Refugee Resettlement Working Group” to oppose refugee resettlement programs and ensure the “terrorists are kept on the outside looking in.” In the same email the group, ACT! spoke highly of Corcoran and her anti-refugee activism, suggesting she would be involved in some way.

Corcoran has also been involved with notorious anti-Muslim conspiracist and figurehead Frank Gaffney.

Earlier this year Gaffney’s organization, the Center for Security Policy, published a monograph authored by Corcoran. Rife with conspiracy theories positing that Muslims are seeking to to take over the United States, the publication is titled Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.

In the monograph, Corcoran claims various Muslim organizations, the United Nations, and the left-leaning religious charities are “hijacking” refugee and immigration programs in order to “import” large numbers of Muslims to subsequently “colonize” the U.S. and turn it into a Shariah-adherent nation. She claims such this dubious plot is supported by the Democratic party and the political left because it’s in line with their goal to “change the demographic make-up” of the country.

Corcoran also appeared alongside Gaffney during two of his “national security” summits that took place earlier this year in South Carolina and Iowa.

Corcoran’s work has also captured the attention of various white nationalist publications. In 2012, Corcoran’s writing was published in the white nationalist quarterly The Social Contract Press, as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Social Contract Press was founded by John Tanton, the architect of the modern-day anti-immigrant movement.

Last month on her blog, Corcoran also promoted the racist French novel The Camp of the Saints, declaring it a must read for “all good Americans.” The 1973 novel, written by French author Jean Raspail, has become popular among white nationalist “intellectual” thinkers. The book has been translated to English and published in the United States five times, with it’s most recent publisher being The Social Contract Press. In his novel, Raspail depicts the destruction of Europe and the white Western world brought on by non-white immigrants and refugees.

As part of her activism, Corcoran regularly targets U.S. refugee resettlement and religious charity organizations, arguing that they are responsible for bringing Muslims to the U.S. to change the nation. Recently, she deemed 14 Democratic legislators who work with these organizations as the “jihad caucus.”

To underscore Corcoran’s efforts to malign and dehumanize refugees, she once equated refugee resettlement agencies with animal hoarders.

“These people remind me of animal hoarders with a psychological ailment who fill their homes with cats, don’t have the finances to care for them properly, and don’t know when to stop,” she wrote.

With a strong commitment to spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric far and wide, Corcoran is anything but the rational voice of refugee resettlement policies.

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