About Us

Center for New Community tracks organized bigotry and equips grassroots movements to mobilize a powerful force for justice, fairness, and opportunity.

For two decades, Center for New Community has had significant impact through its organizing initiatives across the nation, and is widely recognized for its work to counter racism and organized bigotry. The Center is governed by a national Board of Directors, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The Center’s work is conducted locally and nationally with a diverse group of partner organizations.

The Center for New Community remains committed to countering the reality of racism and bigotry in America. It was founded on the principle that a concerted, long-term effort to address issues of social, economic, and racial justice, is both necessary and achievable.


Our Staff
Terri Johnson
Executive Director

Kalia Abiade
Advocacy Director

Anu Joshi
Campaign Manager

 Lindsay Schubiner
Senior Program Manager

Board of Directors
Mana Tahaie, Chair
Director of Mission Impact, YWCA Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jennifer Blatz, Vice Chair
Campaign Manager
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Catherine Brown, Treasurer
Chief Operating Officer
Chicago Public Library Foundation

Chicago, Illinois

Nick Torres
, Secretary
Program Coordinator

New Haven, Connecticut

Rev. Noel Andersen
Grassroots Coordinator for Immigrants’ Rights
Church World Service
Washington, D.C.

Sam Fulwood, III
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Washington, D.C.

Kristin Kumpf
Director of Organizing
The United Methodist General Board of Church & Society
Washington, D.C.

Esther Lopez
Director, Civil Rights and Community Action Department

UFCW International Union

Washington, D.C.

Scott Prince
The Mosaic Financial Group
Chicago, Illinois