Reports and Tools

  • CNC's new resource, Islamophobia Academy, exposes and monitors the anti-Muslim movement’s efforts to indoctrinate law enforcement with hate. It catalogues each known anti-Muslim training or other activity that directly or indirectly targets law enforcement. Initially published in February 2017, the timeline will continue to be updated as new efforts are uncovered.

  • Many of the President's advisors and cabinet officials boast explicit ties to anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim groups. In December 2016, CNC released a resource to expose the nativists who now have access to the White House. It is being continuously updated.

  • In June 2016, we launched our first ever threat assessment. Released quarterly and designed for state and local advocates and activists, these assessments provide critical information about existing nativist threats—particularly in policymaking—and serves as a warning of challenges to come. The guide also provides several media and organizing strategies and tips to prepare for and fight back against these threats.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood is a weekly series from Imagine 2050 staff documenting upcoming nativist events across the country.

  • In June 2016, the Supreme Court announced a 4-4 deadlock in United States v. Texas, leaving millions of immigrants and their families in limbo and at risk. In April, CNC released IRLI Beginnings, a report about the anti-immigrant movement's role in driving the case. The report focuses on the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), and key staffer Kris Kobach, who is also the Kansas Secretary of State. Together, IRLI and Kobach have drafted and defended a range of anti-immigrant policies in court, harming communities across the country. Writing about our report, the American Immigration Council said IRLI was founded out of "a fear rooted in hate, not reason. And it has no place in a serious debate about immigration."

  • CNC's 2015 report, “Blurring Borders,” examines the extent to which DHS union leaders have been colluding with the organized anti-immigrant movement–and the impact it has had on the country’s immigration policy.

  • Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies, regularly spouts anti-immigrant vitriol. This regularly updated timeline is a catalogue of his lowlights.

Guides to Writing About Nativist Groups