Media and Arts


CNC's blog, Imagine2050, exposes organized racism in the United States and ignites candid conversations about race, immigration, national identity, and belonging through the lens of politics and culture. Contributors have included activists, artists, and students who are invested in a future nation that embraces a multiracial democracy.

The commentary and analysis of CNC board members and staff has been published in and cited by a range of publications including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Nation, Washington Post, Mother Jones, Huffington Post and The Hill, among others.


CNC works with artist communities and unconventional allies in addressing racist movements and promotes creative resistance. CNC collaborates with artists to promote cultural resistance through showcases, events, digital productions, and more.

Halal in the Family

The Center for New Community is a proud supporter of Halal in the Family and served as a member of the advisory council for the satirical webseries. CNC provided information about threats to Muslim communities in the United States and guidance for using the series to support existing campaigns against anti-Muslim bigotry.

In Spring 2016, Halal in the Family was awarded the Peabody Facebook Futures of Media Award. Read more here.


In partnership with the Oakland-based CultureStrike, the Center for New Community has co-hosted UndocuNation events in San Francisco, Charlotte, Berkeley and Denver, and Atlanta. UndocuNation is a traveling arts festival and workshop series featuring local and national visual artists, performers, organizers and advocates to uplift migrant stories and speak out against unjust policies and practices that discriminate against LGBTQ communities and people of color.

The multidisciplinary, free event is open to all community members and features performances, art installations, and workshops led by activists and artists engaged in social and racial justice.

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