Who We Are

The Center for New Community is a national research and advocacy organization. At the forefront of efforts to defeat anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hate, CNC tracks organized bigotry in the United States and equips national and grassroots partners to mobilize a powerful force for justice, fairness, and opportunity.

Our Values

We believe we can dismantle racism, but first we must acknowledge that it exists and is experienced.

Everyone should have the power to tell their own story.

When we unite for justice and expose the architects of contemporary organized racism, we create a space for people to take control of their own narratives. 

We believe truth-telling that is actionable is necessary to build movements for justice.

Our History

In 1995, a group of religious leaders and seasoned organizers established the Center for New Community, after a two-year dialogue about the role of the faith community in addressing the nation’s social, economic and racial injustices.  

CNC works to defend and extend democracy in the U.S. by monitoring and countering organized bigotry.  Driven by our commitment to values-based research and advocacy, we work to make real the vision and promise of a truly democratic, open and just society.  

In the past 21 years, CNC has:

  • Shielded communities from the militia movement;
  • Created a youth music culture designed to combat racism in high schools and universities;
  • Worked with local organizations throughout the country to push back against anti-immigrant rhetoric and activity;
  • Mobilized leaders to address the impact of immigration on the African American community;
  • Implemented a grassroots organizing strategy to address immigrant worker health issues and food justice;
  • Incorporated arts and culture strategies to elevate racial and social justice issues; and
  • Centered research and advocacy activities to counter Islamophobia.

How We Work